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Hall & Oates sheet music

Hall & Oates Sheet Music Anthology 1973-1984 (P/V/G)
- Adult Education
- Alone Too Long
- Back Together Again
- Bigger Than Both Of Us
- Camellia
- Crazy Eyes
- Did It In A Minute
- Do What You Want, Be What You Are
- Don't Change
- Family Man
- Head Above Water
- How Does It Feel To Be Back
- I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)
- I Don't Wanna Lose You
- Is It A Star
- It's A Laugh
- Kiss On My List
- Maneater
- Method of Modern Love
- One On One
- Out Of Touch
- Portable Radio
- Private Eyes
- Rich Girl
- Sara Smile
- Say It Isn't So
- She's Gone
- Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid
- Wait For Me
- Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Heart?
- You Make My Dreams
- Your Imagination
- You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling

1975 Daryl Hall & John Oates (Silver Album - P/V/G sheet music)
Does not include Soldering, but includes She's Gone
- She's Gone
- Camellia
- Sara Smile
- Alone Too Long
- Out of Me, Out of You
- Nothing At All
- Ennui on the Mountain
- (You Know) It Doesn't Matter Anymore
- Gino (The Manager)
- Grounds for Separation

1976 Bigger Than Both Of Us (P/V/G sheet music)
- Back Together Again
- Rich Girl
- Crazy Eyes
- Do What You Want, Be What You Are
- Kerry
- London, Luck and Love
- Room To Breathe
- You'll Never Learn
- Falling

1977 Beauty On A Back Street (P/V/G sheet music)
- Don't Change
- Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Heart?
- Winged Bull
- The Girl Who Used To Be
- The Emptyness
- Love Hurts, Love Heals
- You Must Be Good For Something
- Bigger Than Both Of Us
- Bad Habits and Infections

1978 Along The Red Ledge (P/V/G sheet music)
- It's A Laugh
- Melody For A Memory
- The Last Time
- I Don't Wanna Lose You
- Have I Been Away Too Long
- Alley Katz
- Don't Blame It On Love
- Serious Music
- Pleasure Beach
- August Day

1984 Big Bam Boom (P/V/G sheet music)
- Out of Touch
- Bank On Your Love
- Method Of Modern Love
- Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid
- Going Thru The Motions
- All American Girl
- Cold Dark And Yesterday
- Possession Obsession

1985 Live at the Apollo (P/V/G sheet music)
- Apollo Medley / Get Ready
- Ain't Too Proud To Beg
- The Way You Do The Things You Do
- My Girl
- Everytime You Go Away (Paul Young's Version)
- I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)
- One On One
- When Somethings Wrong With My Baby
- Possession Obsession
- Adult Education

1988 Ooh Yeah! (P/V/G sheet music)
- Downtown Life
- Everything Your Heart Desires
- I'm In Pieces
- Missed Opportunity
- Talking All Night
- Rockability
- Rocket To God
- Soul Love
- Realove
- Keep On Pushin' Love

 1977 It's Uncanny (P/V/G)
1980 You Make My Dreams (alternate version)
 1988 Everything Your Heart Desires (Easy Piano)

1990 So Close (P/V/G)

1991 Baby Baby / I Don't Want To Cry & Other Top Recorded Hits

Baby Baby - Amy Grant
Cry For Help - Rick Astley
Don't Hold Back Your Love - Daryl Hall & John Oates
Here We Go, Let's Rock & Roll - C&C Music Factory
I Don't Wanna Cry - Mariah Carey
I Touch Myself - Divinyls
Rhythm Of My Heart - Rod Stewart
Sadesness - Enigma
Temple Of Love - Harriet
You're In Love - Wilson Phillips

Keyboard Transcriptions 

ダリルホール&ジョンオーツ - Electronic Organ For Play 
(Primarily Keyboard Transcription, some Bass & Guitar)
- Maneater
- One On One
- Family Man
- Italian Girls
- Guessing Games
- Private Eyes
- I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)
- Did It In A Minute
- Kiss On My List
- Wait For Me
Pop/Rock Hits : Keyboard Play-Along Volume 1
(Original Keyboard Transcriptions of the following musical acts)
- Phil Collins - Against All Odds
- Steely Dan - Deacon Blues
- Bryan Adams - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
- Chicago - Hard To Say I'm Sorry
- Hall & Oates - Kiss On My List
- Billy Joel - My Life
- Marc Cohn - Walking In Memphis
- The Doobie Brothers - What A Fool Believes

Pop/Rock: Bass Tabs Volume 3
- Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
- Elton John - Crocodile Rock
- Hall & Oates - Maneater
- The Police - Message In The Bottle
- Billy Joel - My Life
- Genesis - No Reply At All
- Peg - Steely Dan
- David Bowie - Suffragette City

Guitar Tabs
Sara Smile tab plus guitar intro
Ultimate-Guitar.com Hall & Oates tabs

My own transcriptions & tabs (Not 100% correct)
You Make My Dreams.mus (Midi file)
Sara Smile Guitar intro tab
Say It Isn't So (Bass Tabs)

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Video Tutorial
Kiss On My List 
Promise Ain't Enough
Sara Smile (Piano Tutorial with notation)
She's Gone (Pay John Oates to teach you)

Midi Files
I Can't Go For That (No Can Do).mid
Kiss On My List.mid 
Out of Touch.mid
Rich Girl.mid
Sara Smile.mid
She's Gone.mid

Related H&O Sheet Music, Tutorials & Midi Files
John Oates - Circle of Three - Video Tutorial (Pay John Oates $5.99 to teach you)
Billy Paul - Me and Mrs Jones.mid
Mike Oldfield - Family Man.mid
Paul Young - Everytime You Go Away  (P/V/G)
Celine Dion - Have You Ever Been In Love  (P/V/G)
Eric Clapton - No Alibis (Journeyman Album)(Guitar Tabs)


  1. NO WAYYYYY! Holy Crap, sheet music you got some killer stuff here, NICE ONE!!!

  2. I just made these 6 leadsheets (chords + melody fit on one page each), for anyone who is interested:
    http://musescore.com/ericfontainejazz/sara-smile http://musescore.com/ericfontainejazz/abandoned-lunchonette

  3. great stuff here! Lots of work. Thank you so much for posting all these wonderfully edited PDF's!

  4. Which of the Hall and Oates books has a photo of Daryl in a leather jacket? It's a full page black and white I believe. Thanks.

  5. Thanks so much for these files! Anyone know where I could get some sheet music for "Fall In Philadelphia"?

  6. I would love to get my hands on Do it for Love Solo. I got the song down but would love the solo tabbed out

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  8. Can anyone provide the chords for Getaway Car and or Cab Driver?

    1. I couldn't find the Dakota Moon or Hall & Oates sheet music for Getaway Car, but
      I found Cab Driver on tabs.Ultimate-guitar:

  9. This is a brilliant resource; thanks so much!