Friday, March 9, 2012

Parachute Club - Small Victories

Band: Parachute Club
Album: Small Victories
Released: 1986

Lorraine Segato - Lead Vocals and Guitar 
Lauri Conger - Keyboards and Vocals
Billy Bryans - Drums 
Margo Davidson - Saxophone and Vocals
Julie Masi - Percussion and Vocals
Steve Webster - Bass
Dave Gray - Guitar
John Oates - Guest Vocals

Small Victories  (Download)

1 Tearing The Veil - W&M: Conger, Gray, Segato  (John Oates produced)
2 Love Is Fire (Video) - (Remix) - W&M: L. Conger, J. Oates, L. Segato, M. Davidson - Canada #24
3 Secret Heart (Wild Zone) - W&M: Bryans, Conger, Masi, J. Oates, Segato (J. Oates produced)
Walk To The Rhythm Of Your Heartbeat  - W&M: Gray, Masi, Segato (J. Oates backing vocals and co-produces) Canada #90
5 Love and Compassion - W&M: Gray, John Oates, L. Segato Canada #80
6 Small Victories - W&M: Brownstone, Bryans, Conger, Fernie, Gray, Segato
7 The Journey - W&M: Bryans, Fernie, Gray, Segato (John Oates backing vocals)
8 Cheat The Prophecy - W&M: Bryans, Conger, Fernie, Koyle, Masi, Segato
9 Waves - W&M: Bryans, Conger, Segato (John Oates backing vocals)

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  1. Amazing. I had no idea John Oates was part of Love Is Fire. It had a lot of airplay up in Canada back when it was released.