Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stephen Dees - Hip Shot

Artist: Stephen Dees
Album: Hip Shot
Produced by: Daryl Hall & Stephen Dees
Released: 1977

Steve Mele (Guitar)
Ralph Schuckett (Synthesizer, Keyboards, Moog Synthesizer)
Todd Sharp (Guitar, Steve Shive (Drums)
Joey Stann (Baritone Sax)
Eddie Zyne (Percussion, Drums)
Daryl Hall  (Synthesizer, Keyboards, Background Vocals)
Stephen Dees (Guitar, Piano, Gong, Bass Guitar, Vocals, Moog Synthesizer)
Tasha Thomas (Background Vocals)
Rubens Bassini (Percussion)
Charles DeChant (Saxophone)
Larry Fast (Synthesizer)
David Kent (Keyboards, Background Vocals)

1) Counting On You W&M: Stephen DeesCounting On You
2) Wacky Together - W&M: Stephen Dees Wacky Together

3) Kerry - W&M: Daryl Hall, Stephen Dees
4) You Defy The Law Of Gravity - W&M: Stephen Dees You Defy the Law of Gravity

5) Got My Eyes On You Babe - W&M: Stephen Dees
6) Too Close For Comfort - W&M: Stephen Dees Too Close for Comfort
7) Out-a My Skin - W&M: Daryl Hall, Stephen Dees Outa My Skin
8) Beat The Devil - W&M: Stephen Dees Beat the Devil

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