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Daryl Hall Solo chart history

Song Chart History

1967 The Temptones - Girl I Love You #17 WDAS Soul chart 
1969 The Electric Indian - Keem-O-Sabe (Daryl plays keyboards)  Hot 100 #16 
1984 INXS (Daryl Hall Backing Vocals) - Original Sin  Aus #1 / US Hot 100 # 58
1984 Elvis Costello & The Attractions with Daryl Hall - The Only Flame In Town  Hot 100 #56 
1984 Diana Ross - Swept Away (W&M Daryl Hall, Sara Allen)  US Dance #1 / Hot 100 #19
1986 Mick Jagger - Ruthless People (Written & Produced: Mick Jagger, Daryl Hall, Dave Stewart) 
Hot 100 #51 / US Rock #14
1986 Daryl Hall - Dreamtime Hot 100 #5
1986 Daryl Hall - Foolish Pride Hot 100 #33
1986 Daryl Hall - I Wasn't Born Yesterday  UK #93
1987 Daryl Hall - Someone Like You Hot 100 #57  / AC #11
1988 Holly Knight - Heart Don't Fail Me Now (Daryl Hall Backing Vocals) Hot 100 #59
1989 Eric Clapton with Daryl Hall - No Alibis US Rock #4 / UK #53
1989 Paul Carrack - I Live By The Groove (Daryl Hall backing vocals) Hot 100 #31 / AC #22
1993 Daryl Hall - I'm In A Philly Mood Hot 100 #82    UK #59 & #52 (1994)
1994 Daryl Hall - Stop Loving Me, Stop Loving You UK #30
1994 Daryl Hall - Help Me Find A Way To Your Heart UK #70
1994 Daryl Hall & SOB - Gloryland --> Spanish Version --> Instrumental Version UK #36

1995 Dusty Springfield & Daryl Hall - Wherever Would I Be -->(Walter A. Mix) UK #44
1997 B-Legit With Daryl Hall - Ghetto Smile UK #159
2003 Daryl Hall - Cab Driver AC #18
2003 Céline Dion - Have You Ever Been In Love (W&M Anders Bagge, Peer Åström, Tom Nichols, Daryl Hall & Laila Bagge)  AC #2
2004 Daryl Hall - What's In Your World AC #27
2011 Nero - Reaching Out (Featuring Daryl Hall)  UK Dance #17
2011 Daryl Hall - Talking To You (Is Like Talking To Myself)  AC #16
2012 Daryl Hall - Eyes For You  AC #19 / 2011 Smooth Jazz #5

Album Chart History

1980 Sacred Songs (Myspace) / Hot 200 #58
    Sacred Songs
    Something in 4/4 Time
    Babs And Babs
    Urban Landscape
    The Farther Away I Am
    Why Was It So Easy
    Don't Leave Me Alone With Her
    Without Tears
    You Burn Me Up (I'm A Cigarette)
    North Star

1986 Three Hearts In The Happy Ending Machine (Myspace) / Hot 200 # 29
          Dreamtime (Video) (Daryl Hall, John Beebe)
          Only A Vision
          I Wasn't Born Yesterday (Video)
          Someone Like You (Video) (Daryl Hall)
          Next Step
          For You
          Foolish Pride (Video)
          Right As Rain
          Let It Out
          What's Gonna Happen To Us
          Dreamtime (Dance Mix)
          I Wasn't Born Yesterday (Remix)
          Foolish Pride (Shep Pettibone Extended Remix)
(Other remixes)
          Someone Like You (Sax Solo)

1993 Soul Alone (Myspace) / Hot 200 # 177 / UK # 55
         Power Of Seduction
         This Time
         Love Revelation
         I'm In A Philly Mood (Video)
         Stop Loving Me, Stop Loving You (Video)
         Help Me Find A Way To Your Heart (Live Video)
         Send Me
         Money Changes Everything
         Written In Stone
         (BONUS TRACK)
         I've Finally Seen The Light

1993 Send Me + Soul Power (Japanese Promotional)
          1. Send Me
          2. Hot Fun In The Summertime
          3. Stop Loving You, Stop Loving Me
          4. For The Love Of Money
          5. Love Revelation
          6. Me And Mrs Jones
          7. I'm In A Philly Mood

1993 I'm In A Philly Mood (UK Single)
         I'm In A Philly Mood
         Love TKO (Live)
         Me and Mrs Jones (Live)

1994 Help Me Find A Way To Your Heart (Promotional)
         Help Me Find A Way To Your Heart
         Power Of Seduction
         Stop Loving Me, Stop Loving You (Live)
         I'm In A Philly Mood (Live)

 1994 Gloryland Worldcup USA (YouTube playlist of Album)
(Songs below were released on various compilations)
         Gloryland- Daryl Hall & Sounds of Blackness
         Gloryland (Instrumental)
         Move On Up
         Gloryland (Action Mix)
         Gloryland (Emotion Mix)
         Gloryland (Spanish Version)

1996 & 2003 Can't Stop Dreaming (Grooveshark) (Did not Chart)
         Can't Stop Dreaming (Walter Afanasieff, Hall Gorrie, Dan Shea)
         Let Me Be The One (Gorrie, Hall, Melvin Regin)
         Something About You (BONUS) (Allen, Hall, Bellochio)
         Cab Driver (fan video) (Louis Brown, Hall, Gorrie)
         Never Let Me Go (Arthur Baker, Gorrie, Hall)
         Holding Out For Love (Gorrie, Hall)
         Justify (Brown, Daryl Hall)
         What's In Your World (David Brown, Gorrie, Hall, Scott Parker)
         Hold On To Me (Afanasieff, Sara Allen, Gorrie, Hall)
         She's Gone (Daryl Hall & John Oates)
         All By Myself (Gorrie, Hall)
         Fools Rush In (David Bellochio, Alan Gorrie, Daryl Hall)
         (Flip side of single 'What's in your World)
         Cab Driver (Live)
         Can't Stop Dreaming (Live)

1998 Flashbacks
    Nobody's Girl
    Come On Back To The Family
    Me and Mrs. Jones

2004 Live in Philadelphia (Grooveshark) (Limited Release -Did Not Chart)
    Can't Stop Dreaming
    Let Me Be The One
    Cab Driver
    Stop Loving Me, Stop Loving You
    Hold On To Me
    She's Gone
    Send Me
    Love TKO
    What's In Your World
    I'm In A Philly Mood
    Fools Rush In
    All By Myself
    Foolish Pride

 2011 Laughing Down Crying (Soundcloud) / Hot 200 # 142
         Laughing Down Crying
         Talking To You (Is Like Talking To Myself) (LFDH Video)
         Lifetime of Love 
         Eyes For You (LFDH Video)
         Save Me
         Message To Ya
         Wrong Side of History
         Get Out of the Way
         Crash and Burn
         Problem with You
         (BONUS TRACK)
         Don't Wait Too Long

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