Wednesday, February 22, 2012

H&O Movie & TV appearances

H&O Movie appearances
John Oates has a couple of short interviews (not shown in trailer).

John Oates part of documentary's cast.

1992 The Original Leads of the Temptations (Currently Unavailable)
Daryl Hall interview

Daryl & John give interviews.

2007 Stayin' Alive (Short Canadian Documentary)
John & Daryl give two short interviews

2008 Totally Baked
John has a small part approx an hour into movie and during credits

All My Friends Are Here (Soundtrack)  Daryl Hall interview
H&O TV appearances (non-interview)
 1986 MTVJ Daryl Hall with mystery guest John Oates--->Clip

 2008-12-11 The Daily Show Episode--->Episode 

 2010 Glenn Martin DDS episode "Roller Derby"--->Clip

H&O Web Series Appearances

2013 Explosion Bus Daryl Hall guest

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